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BIBL 10th season – road from 2008-2009 to 2017-2018

BIBL 10th season – road from 2008-2009 to 2017-2018
08-08-2017 | 12:22

Back during 2008 we created the Balkan International Basketball League. We established  the league for several reasons: to support the local basketball players, to support the young clubs that did not have big financial possibility to participate in other international basketball leagues which require bigger budget; to support and educate young international referees, to provide to the basketball fans from the Balkan region the opportunity to see their home teams playing in international basketball league.

For the time of the 9 seasons we have had several important milestones in our league.


The first one is to have Eurohold as our first and important partner/sponsor which also until today continues being part of us. The second one - to have Sigal UNIQA as an addition very important partner for the past 2 seasons and in the new to come.

We were the first league that has ever supported the clubs with travel expenses, accommodation, referee’s fee and even we were the only league that paid the teams to fly to Israel during 3 seasons when there were clubs from Israel participating in the league.


We were the first league in our region that started with the free live streaming broadcast at on SPORT MEDIA adding full TV graphics information during the live broadcast.


We were the first ever league that registered teams from Kosovo in international basketball league. We also registered with the cooperation of the Albanian basketball federation teams from Albania in the league.


We were and we continue to be the only league to insist that on the court local players will be present at all times during the game.

We were and we continue to be a league for the Balkan people and for the Balkan basketball.


The idea of the league has always been to provide possibility to all clubs in the Balkan region to play in professional international league without spending non-logic money and to stay with a reasonable budget that will not put the clubs in financial problems.

BIBL is proud to say that in throughout  all the years a lot of young players who started their first steps in the international basketball with us, are playing now in top teams. Some of the clubs developed their organization and structure and now they are competing in high level leagues amongst the top European clubs.

Lots of young referees that started their FIBA career in BIBL are now considered leading basketball referees in Europe. However, somehow during the last seasons some of the clubs forgot why and for what we created the Balkan League and why they joined and played in BIBL.


We never exposed the league as the top basketball event in Europe or in our region. We never proposed to any club or federation that we should, can or will replace any local competition. It cannot be and it will not be. We never said that we are and can have the greater or longer history than leagues with teams from Serbia, Croatia or Slovenia. We always declared that we can provide the best organized professional league, which would be fair, correct with the same possibility to all the teams. We offered the possibility to the teams in our region to develop and to be better.


Take as example the development of the teams in the Bulgarian league, where the standard went up. There are now much better conditions, interesting games, higher budgets, good quality and competitiveness. The same growth up is visible in Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo. Last season improvement and results were shown in Albania as well. A lot of good and positive things came from BIBL.


Moreover, we would like to keep our standard in the same good way and we cannot and we will not promise to any club/federation non realistic results, number or stories that cannot and are not going to happen.


The 10th season of BIBL will be opened in the coming October with the teams that want to participate in a professional well-organized league giving all the same good standards  as we have been doing for every of the ninth previous seasons too.


During the next 2 weeks we will continue with the registration of the clubs which informed us that they would play in the 10th edition of Sigal UNIQA Balkan League and we will continue to provide the fair, honest and professional league that players, coaches and the fans can enjoy and support.

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We are going to do it
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