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Season preview: Group B

Season preview: Group B
12-10-2021 | 10:09
We are hours away from the start of the new season in Delasport Balkan League. 11 teams will take part in the competition as they will battle for the trophy at the end of April next year. Before the start of the first games, we are offering you a preview for both groups. Now we continue with Group B which will consist of 6 teams, four of which will advance to Stage 2:

BC Akademik Plovdiv
The runner-up from last season returns with a lot of familiar faces. The main foreigners however have left so in order to have a similar, or at least close, performance to what it was last season, they will need to step up big time. Akademik usually plays hard and gives 100% each time so they'll be looking to do the same again. How Akademik will look still remains to be seen but the team will try to give hard time to anybody as usual.

BC Beroe
A new young coaching staff with a revamped roster. Beroe should be an interesting team to watch after the changes made in the off-season. The Greens are always a tough opponent and now having a good mix of experience in the frontcourt and youth on the wing, so they'll try to make things happen. It will be a learning process for Beroe but the team is without doubt one not to be underestimated.

Ironi Rain Nahariya
The team returns to the competition for second season in a row but now from the position of being in the second division in Israel. That doesn't mean that there's no quality - on the opposite. Ironi will be looking to come back to the top flight in the country and to reach the Final 4 in BIBL. They have added interesting American players, have their local ones so there's no doubt that it makes them one of the teams to beat in the competition. How far they'll go remains to be seen but they are starting as one of the good rosters in BIBL.

KB Sigal Prishtina
A two-time champion is once again here and it was always a joy for everyone to play in Prishtina. When the fans return that will be the case once again and it will also give a boost to the team. Sigal is a different team from the past times - they are giving chance to young local players and are doing the same with the foreigners. They also added some experienced guys to the roster but will definitely need time in order to show their best performance.

KK Ibar Rozaje
The Montenegro team is coming back and will be hoping that the luck will be with them this time around. Ibar was in the fight for Stage 2 last season until the last game so the goal this time around is to at least reach it. As always the local players will be mixed with Serbians so, especially in Rozaje, it will be hard to face them. Ibar always plays tough and hopefully for them, this time the results will also come.

The Skopje team is here for second season in a row and, based on the roster, the ambitions are high. TFT plays with a lot of energy, has added really good and experienced players and will be a team to watch. The Skopje side proved to be a tough opponent last season so with more experience and more confidence in this one, they'll be looking to make some noise. They reached Stage 2 last time so this is the minimum aim now as well but there's no doubt that TFT will be trying to do something even more, if the opportunity comes.

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