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Boro Smilkovski: We lacked energy and effort for the first three quarters

Boro Smilkovski: We lacked energy and effort for the first three quarters
07-12-2021 | 10:12
KK TFT suffered second defeat in a row in Group B of Delasport Balkan League after the team lost away to Sigal Prishtina. Below you can check what the head coach of the team - Boro Smilkovski, had to say after the match:

"I will not use this as an excuse but I must say that this is our second game in less than 24 hours. We had a physically very demanding game on Sunday and moreover we lost two players to injuries. In the first three quarters we had lack of energy and effort and it reflected on the court. When you are tired, you're losing focus and you make mistakes. In the fourth quarter it was better, we fought but at the end it's a deserved victory for Sigal Prishtina.

I never find excuses in missing free throws, I'm finding excuses in problems in missing box outs. The hosts had 7-8 offensive rebounds, they were fighting hard and it's difficult to play against such a team with that kind of energy. I think that one of the key points of the game was the start of the third quarter when we did well, cut the deficit and missed two free throws. The hosts scored on the next possession, then we had one more turnover that led to a triple. When you take it all together it was a huge turnaround in 30-40 seconds. It was one of the key moments in the game.

It's hard to define goals when we are having such a rhythm of games. Our group is very tight and close. We'll fight hard and try to do better in next games."
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