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Nebojsa Vidic: Reaching the Final 4 was worth all the tough months we had

Nebojsa Vidic: Reaching the Final 4 was worth all the tough months we had
28-04-2022 | 10:45
BC Balkan will play its second Final 4 of Delasport Balkan League following the one in 2014. Here is what the head coach of The Greens from Botevgrad - Nebojsa Vidic, had to say before the competition's finale:

- How are you coming to the Finals also given the fact that the schedule has been tough all season long?
- Now when I look back it looks scary. In November, we said there is tough December ahead of us, in December, we said there is tough January ahead of us, so we figured out the whole season gonna be like that and we stopped thinking about it. And when you reach the Final Four, then we can say: It’s worth it.

- Generally how do you rate the team's participation so far and how big of a success for you is to reach the F4?
- Frankly, I think, we are one of top 4 teams in Balkan League this year…for sure. But if you ask me am I happy with the level of basketball on which we performed, I will say no. But, I will tell you one secret - I am never satisfied

- You played Maccabi Haifa twice and exchanged one win with different rosters. What can you say about your opponent and what will be the key in the game in order to qualify for the final?
- This is not Maccabi Haifa we played against. New roster, new coach, new philosophy. It’s tough to make scouting and prepare a game against them. Definitely, that is going to be a clash of two strategies, one - big budget, signing experienced players with a high level reputation few weeks before F4, second - team with a solid budget, settled roster, hard working team and that wishes to play three finals this year. We’ll see on Friday around 7 pm which philosophy is better.
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