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BC Beroe

BC Beroe

Address : 60 Tsar Ivan Shishman St., 6000 Stara Zagora - Bulgaria
City : Stara Zagora
E-mail : bc_beroe@abv.bg
Web : beroebasket.com
Arena : Obshtinska
Main uniform : white jerseys, white shorts
Reserve uniform : green jerseys, green shorts
Technical staff
Head CoachBoyko Milenkov
Assistant CoachTedi Bukov
PresidentVasil Kifev
Press OfficerDesislav Tenev
Statistics and IT ManagerMaria Zlatarova
15 Feb 2022 - 17.00
../pictures/pic_b/Season%202020-2021/TFT-logo.png 95 - 88 ../pictures/pic_b/Logos/beroe.jpg

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N Name Position Year of birth Height Nationality
0 Georgi Boshnakov PF/C 26.05.2003 204 Bulgarian
2 Mihail Kombakov PG 19.06.2003 185 Bulgarian
4 Martin Sotirov SG/SF 07.11.1999 199 Bulgarian
5 Obinna Oleka PF/C 04.11.1993 203 American
7 Jordan Burns PG 28.08.1997 183 American
7 Petar Toyaganov PG/SG 23.12.2002 183 Bulgarian
10 Damyan Minkov SG/SF 06.03.2002 197 Bulgarian
11 Viktor Margaritov PG/SG 11.12.2002 188 Bulgarian
12 Aleksandar Yanev PF 20.01.1990 204 Bulgarian
13 Marin Marinov SF 09.08.2000 204 Bulgarian
44 Cadarian Raines C 12.10.1990 206 American
55 Anton Cook PG/SG 26.08.1995 189 American
Average24 Years
1 Months
195.42 cm


Sixth season for Beroe in Delasport Balkan League

Sixth season for Beroe in Delasport Balkan LeagueBeroe will play its sixth season in Delasport Balkan League.Our management welcomes back the team from the beautiful city of Stara Zagora and wishes it all the best.Beroe is a part of Balkan League competitions since 2015/2016.The team's greatest achievement was the Balkan League title back in 2017.Beroe finished fifth in Group A last year and didn't make the playoffs.

Obinna Oleka is the top rebounder of Stage 1

TFT completes a second half comeback to qualify for Stage 2

Beroe adds a new guard before the battle with TFT

The game between TFT and Beroe is postponed for next week

Boiko Milenkov: Despite the win I can't be happy

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No Games Scheduled

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