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KK Ibar Rozaje

KK Ibar Rozaje

Address : Sportski Centar Bandzovo Brdo BB
City : Rozaje, Montenegro
E-mail : nedim.felec@gmail.com
Arena : Sportski Centar
Main uniform : White
Reserve uniform : Green
Technical staff
Head CoachDemir Kalic
Assistant CoachAdnan Mulic
Club DoctorAldin Muric
PresidentSenad Mujevic
General ManagerAsad Omerovic
Sports DirectorNedim Felec
9 Feb 2022 - 20.00
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Ironi Rain NahariyaKK Ibar Rozaje

No Games Scheduled

N Name Position Year of birth Height Nationality
1 Mustafa Nokic PG 12.05.2004 189 Montenegrin
3 Svetozar Popovic PG/SG 16.04.1987 198 Serbian
4 Alem Fetahovic PG 03.07.2003 188 Montenegrin
5 Nedim Felec PG/SG 14.10.1986 189 Montenegrin
10 Admir Nurkovic PG 23.03.1990 183 Montenegrin
11 Armin Kalic PG/SG 20.02.1992 192 Montenegrin
13 Nemanja Simovic PG/SG 19.11.1995 193 Serbian
15 Vasilije Knezevic PF 14.01.1996 202 Montenegrin
20 Nikola Pavlovic PF 13.05.1996 204 Serbian
20 Damir Hadzic none 30.09.2005 Montenegrin
22 Marko Ljujic C 21.04.1990 206 Montenegrin
32 Nemanja Knezevic SG/SF 29.08.1997 196 Montenegrin
Average28 Years
7 Months
178.33 cm


Strong first quarter is enough for Ironi Rain Nahariya to hold off Ibar

Strong first quarter is enough for Ironi Rain Nahariya to hold off IbarIroni Rain Nahariya is back on the winning way after beating KK Ibar 69-57 at home. The Israeli side lost to Sigal Prishtina two weeks ago but now moved back to first place after leading from start to finish. It was thanks to a very good first quarter that the hosts managed to pull away and eventually they led until ...

Ironi Nahariya wins 6th in a row and eliminates Ibar

Ibar stops Sigal Prishtina's winning run

TFT survives against Ibar to move closer to Stage 2

The game between TFT and Ibar has been postponed

Photo-gallery from the game BC Akademik Plovdiv - KK Ibar

Next Game
08 Feb 2023
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Sezai Surroi
Aleksandar Pavlov
Stavros Evfraimidis
Ioannis Agrafiotis
Faton Kurshumlija 
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08 Feb 2023 19:30
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20 Feb 2023
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21 Feb 2023
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Beer Sheva | Noam Khayim Sport Complex
21 Feb 2023 17:30
Hapoel Altshuler Shaham Beer Sheva/Dimona Hapoel Altshuler Shaham Beer Sheva/Dimona KK Milenijum Kodio KK Milenijum Kodio
23 Feb 2023
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Stara Zagora | Obshtinska
28 Feb 2023
BC Beroe BC Beroe KB Peja KB Peja
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