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Kumanovo and Peja to decide the second team in the final

Kumanovo and Peja to decide the second team in the final
29-03-2017 | 09:18 |

Tonight we′ll know the second team in the final of SIGAL UNIQA Balkan League. BC Beroe is already there and is waiting to know which team will face. At 19.00 hrs local time KK Kumanovo 2009 will host KB Peja and two hours later we′ll know which team will fight for the trophy. The match will be broadcast LIVE on SportMedia.tv.


Peja carries a 4-point lead in to this game which is almost nothing. This is why we are expecting an interesting contest and one that both teams will strive to win. It means that it will be a highly entertaining battle and one you should see.


Kumanovo relied a lot on Yonel Brown to get a good result in Kosovo last week. The American will once again be the main go-to guy for the team and the experience of Pekovic, Janeski, Zivanovic and Karadzovski will also be valuable. Kumanovo of course will be counting on its fans great support and if they turn out in mass, will undoubtedly help the team.


Peja comes to this game with some problems as well. Noah Dahlman didn′t play last week and we won′t see him again. Kumanovo is always a tough place to play and the players of the Kosovo team know it very well. However all of them are aware that this is a historic chance for the team and they′ll try to capitalize and jump to the final. Veseli, Abramovic and Billie did well a week ago and their performance would be crucial tonight.


Both teams will be aiming to reach their first final of the competition. This is why it′s a historic game and one which one of the sides will put in to its history book.

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