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KK Djuro Djakovic

KK Djuro Djakovic

Address : Stanka Vraza 2a, Slavonski Brod, CRO
City : Slavonski Brod, CRO
FAX : +385 35 401 030
E-mail : k.k.svjetlost-brod@sb.t-com.hr
Arena : Dvorana Vijus
Main uniform : red jerseys, red shorts
Reserve uniform : white jerseys, white shorts
KK Djuro Djakovic
Technical staff
Assistant CoachDomagoj Junacko
Club DoctorJosip Samardzic
PhysiotherapistNikola Strk
PresidentVladimir Kovacevic
Executive DirectorIvica Kardum
Press OfficerSebalj Karolina
General SecretaryVlado Novakovic
2 Apr 2013 - 19:00h
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KK KozuvKK Djuro Djakovic

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N Name Position Year of birth Height Nationality
0 Luka Kristijan SF 07.02.1996 197 Croatian
4 Josip Blajic PG 14.01.1987 190 Croatian
5 Matej Kljaic PG 07.12.1993 187 Croatian
7 Marko Batina SF 13.03.1986 198 Croatian
8 Petar Zivkovic SG 28.04.1993 194 Croatian
10 Teo Petani PG/SG 02.03.1988 188 Croatian
11 Marko Bakovic PF/C 22.02.1993 206 Croatian
12 Milan Kolovrat C 14.01.1986 205 Croatian
13 Matej Karlovic SF 01.11.1989 199 Croatian
14 Toni Brnas PF 30.07.1991 202 Croatian
15 Marko Karlovic SG 28.06.1995 190 Croatian
16 Edin Havic SG/SF 19.02.1995 193 Croatian
Average31 Years
2 Months
195.75 cm


A special visit to Blokotehna practice

A special visit to Blokotehna practiceKK Blokotehna-NB had special visitors to one of its practice sessions. The children from Mother Teresa Day Care center in Gevgelija came to pay a visit to the team and had a lot of fun.   The children had the chance to enter the court, to make some p?sses and shots with the players of the BIBL leader. Each one ...

Kozuv defeated Djuro Djakovic and finished 7th in EUROHOLD Balkan League

Kozuv and Djuro Djakovic meet to decide the top team in the Last 4

First win for OKK in the last 4

Domestic leagues: Away defeat for Djuro Djakovic

Domestic leagues: Away win for Djuro Djakovic

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No Games Scheduled

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