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Final 4 pressconference statements

Final 4 pressconference statements
12-04-2024 | 07:31
The press conference for the Final Four of the Delasport Balkan League has concluded, and we now present the statements made by the participating teams. The four teams competing are PAYABL EKA AEL, Sigal Pristina, Peja, and Lovcen. The games are scheduled to take place from tomorrow, Friday, until Sunday. Unfortunately, Lovcen was unable to participate due to delays in their travel arrangements.

Mr. Shay Shtriks the Sports Director of the Balkan League, said, "We are happy to be here and we are looking forward to interesting games. All teams will give their best and all the teams and their coaches are ready for an exciting weekend. As we are saying for 16 consecutive years may the best team win. Thank you AEL for the great and warm hospitality.

Mr. ALBERT SYLEJMANI (Sigal Prishtina Coach) expressed gratitude towards AEL for the organization and reception. They stated, "We are ready, like all teams. We came in first place, but we will respect our opponent, Loftsen. The four teams are equal."

Dardan Berisha (Captain of Prishtina):  "We have won the Balkan League twice and we have come to win it for the third time. It is important for us, and I wish everyone the best of luck."

Ms. Kalia Papadopoulou (Coach of PAYABL EKA AEL) welcomed everyone to their city and expressed hope for a strong and interesting Final 4. They mentioned that their team is prepared to reach the grand final with the support of their fans. They also noted that it is not a coincidence that the previous Final 4 held in Cyprus took place in Limassol.

Marios Moniatis (Captain of PAYABL EKA AEL) said, "Welcome to our city. I wish success to all the teams and I hope that on Sunday, my team will win the cup."

Mr. Rami Hadar (Coach of KB Peja) mentioned, “We are here for the second consecutive time in Final4. ,It's a game and there are no predictions or favorites. Thank you AEL for the warm welcome and  hospitality".

Liz Shoshi (Captain of KB Peja): "We are happy to be here. We want to win and we know that AEL will have their fans supporting them, but we will try our best to come out victorious."
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