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Petar Georgiev, president of BC Rilski Sportist: Our club and EUROHOLD Balkan League are developing together over the years

Petar Georgiev, president of BC Rilski Sportist: Our club and EUROHOLD Balkan League are developing together over the years
10-04-2013 | 16:16 |
Back in year 2009 Rilski Sportist hosted the first ever Final 4 of EUROHOLD Balkan League and became the first champion in the tournament. Now the team will host once again the Final 4 and the president of the team Mr. Petar Georgiev said that he is hoping the event not to be different than the bigger European tournaments:
"Samokov has the ambitions to make an excellent competition, an excellent Final 4. Our goal is this Final 4 not to be different that those of the bigger European competitions. This season, despite the fact that this tournament was with very strong teams, we managed to qualify for the Final 4 so we′ll make everything possible to perform good until the end.
We are trying to make strong basketball for the level of Bulgaria and as you can all see not only for the country but in the Balkans as well. Now the whole Balkans now about Samokov as a city with good basketball team. I think that the conditions Samokov can offer are one of the best in the country for basketball games.
Of course this Final 4 will cost more than the first one. Back then it was the first ever in EUROHOLD Balkan League and I can say that we are developing together - we walk up together step by step right from the start. Of course the goals we set is the organization to be very good and this means more money in it.
I do not expect anything special in the game against Levski. I think all the sparks need to be put down by the referees. I can tell that the referees in EUROHOLD Balkan League are much different that those in the local championship and you have to see the game to be sure this is the truth. For almost 5 years I′ve had almost no complains."

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