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The game between BC Galil Gilboa and KB Peja is cancelled

The game between BC Galil Gilboa and KB Peja is cancelled
18-03-2014 | 17:01 |
The game between BC Galil Gilboa and KB Peja has been cancelled. It was supposed to be played today in Israel but there will be no match. Here are the official reasons for the cancelation of the contest:
The above-mentioned game is included in Round 17 of the official EUROHOLD Balkan League program. For the trip to the State of Israel, KB Peja staff needs entry visas. For this condition they were informed at the beginning of the season. KB Peja failed to obtain the visas on time due to the fact they have not reacted on time and there is a worldwide long-term-strike of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel and no service for issuing visas is provided. The strike started on March 4th 2014 and is not limited by time yet. 
The decision of the League, after consulting with FIBA for this unique case, with the idea to keep the interest of all the clubs-participants and in the spirit of the basketball game, having in mind that until the end of the season (including the Quarter-final round) there are not any available dates for rescheduling this same game, is as follows:
• Adjudge a win to the local team BC Gilboa Galil with 2 points for the classification.
• Adjudge a loss to the visiting team KB Peja with 1 point for the classification.
The next games of both teams from the last Round 18 will be played according to the official program:
Game BC Balkan – KB Peja on March 25th 2014 (Tuesday) in Botevgrad.
Game BC Gilboa Galil – KK Kozuv on March 26th 2014 (Wednesday) in Gan Ner.

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