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KB Sigal Prishtina: We hope the great atmoshere in the gym will add to the quality of basketball

KB Sigal Prishtina: We hope the great atmoshere in the gym will add to the quality of basketball
12-04-2014 | 19:38 |
On Friday it was announced that KB Sigal Prishtina and the city of Prishtina will host the Final 4 2014 of EUROHOLD Balkan League. Later that day the management of the club gave a press conference to speak about hosting the event and the decision. Here are some thing that were mentioned to the press after the decision of the management of EUROHOLD Balkan League to give Sigal Prishtina to organize the Final 4 for season 2013/2014:
“KB Sigal Prishtina was informed by EUROHOLD Balkan League of its decision to grant the organization of the 2014 Final Four in Prishtina. KB Sigal Prishtina considers this is an award for its hard work, professionalism, commitment and qualitative basketball shown during its first season of competing in the EUROHOLD Balkan League, alongside renowned clubs from Israel, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Montenegro, shown from October 2013 with our first ever international game under EUROHOLD BIBL.  
This news was not only good for the city of Prishtina and our fans, but for the whole Kosovo and basketball lovers around Europe. This day would not have happened without hard decisions made by the senior management of EUROHOLD BIBL, and especially Mr. Assen Christov and Mr. Shay Shtriks, to whom KB Sigal Prishtina and basketball fans in Kosovo are grateful. This decision, but most importantly the decision taken last year, to open the closed doors of Kosovo basketball and risk everything to allow clubs from Kosovo to participate in EUROHOLD Balkan League, will remain engraved in Kosovo’s basketball history. 
We hope that KB Sigal Prishtina has proved during the past season to have been a good organizer and host, and will strive to prove the management of EUROHOLD Balkan League, its officials and guests, referees, commissioners and guest teams of its organizational capacities and hospitality during the organization of the 2014 Final Four as well. We hope that the great atmosphere in the playing gym in Prishtina, lead by our fans Plisat, will represent an additional stimulus for all four participating teams, and will add to the quality of basketball shown on the court.   
We have two important weeks ahead of us. We stand as committed as we did in our initial pre-season meeting with EUROHOLD Balkan League officials to prove that our Club has the sportive, organizational and infrastructural capacity to organize sportive events. 
KB Sigal Prishtina will remain at the disposal of EUROHOLD Balkan League officials, teams and guests, to ensure that all conditions are provided for qualitative basketball during this sportive feast in Prishtina. 
Prishtina and Kosovo welcome you!”

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