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Blerand Stavileci: It was a season with great emotions

Blerand Stavileci: It was a season with great emotions
23-04-2014 | 21:25 |
Here is the official statement of the President of KB Sigal Prishtina - Mr. Blerand Stavileci, before the Final 4 2014 to be held in the city of Prishtina between 25th and 27th of April:     "Dear participants, distinguished guests and basketball fans!    I am delighted for this opportunity to bid you a warm welcome to Prishtina and to the Palace of Youth and Sports, home of Basketball Club Sigal Prishtina.    Above all, on behalf of Basketball Club Sigal Prishtina, allow me to express our deepest appreciation to Mr. Assen Christov and Mr. Shay Shtriks, for their decision to make our Club part of the great EUROHOLD Balkan International Basketball League family and for the trust vested in us with the organization of the 2014 Final Four. Without their trust in us, the organization of this basketball feast in Prishtina would not have been possible!    This season has been full of successes for our Club, both in its competition in the national league and cup, and, most importantly, in the EUROHOLD Balkan League. We worked hard since receiving the good news from the senior management of EUROHOLD Balkan League in the spring of 2013, allowing the competition of Kosovo clubs in this esteemed competition, in providing an appropriate administrative, infrastructural and sportive structure able to compete on equal basis with other teams from the region and beyond. In addition to positive sportive results reached at all levels, and the accomplishment of the initial objectives we had set forth in the beginning of the season, experiences gained during this competitive season in the EUROHOLD Balkan League will represent an invaluable asset for our Club’s growth in the future.     It was a season accompanied with great emotions, from our first ever game as guests in international competition, through all games won and lost at home and away, and all the way to this important sportive – the 2014 Final Four. Reaching this point was not easy. It required vast engagement from our management, staff, volunteers and friends, who helped us throughout this journey.   I wish to use this opportunity to express our Club’s deepest appreciation to our main sponsor, Sigal, for the prompt reaction to our evolving requirements, as well as to the army of other sponsors that supported us through these years.     We wow to welcome all participating teams, officials, guests and basketball fans with the hospitality that has characterized our Club throughout the season we’re leaving behind.     Sigal Prishtina welcomes you all to this 2014 Final Four in Prishtina!"

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