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Shay Shtriks: We are proudly standing in front of the “crème de la crème” of the year

Shay Shtriks: We are proudly standing in front of the “crème de la crème” of the year
24-04-2014 | 08:06 |
Here is the official statement of the Sports Director of EUROHOLD Balkan League - Mr.Shay Shtriks, before the Final 4 2014 to be held in the city of Prishtina between 25th and 27th of April:
"Dear Basketball friends,
Welcome to the city of Prishtina for Final Four 2014!
First of all I would like to congratulate the four clubs that qualified for Final Four 2014. I do believe these are really the four best performing teams of the season where at the same time I do not want to underestimate or offend the rest of the participants because in fact each one of them could have played at that Final Four.
Final Four 2014 is a pure basketball event, the peak of a tremendous season, full of lots of great emotions and basketball moments. It is the award for the hard work of teams, referees, managements!
Season 2013-2014 happened to be a very intensive one, full of strong games and until the very last moment nothing had been decided. Everybody fought with everything they could to be better and win more but unfortunately there are only four places in the Final Four and this year the spots are taken by those who showed the best - KB Sigal Prishtina, BC Levski Sofia, BC Balkan and BC Gilboa Galil.
Here it is the place to say one big thank you to all the players, coaches, managements, referees, statisticians, media, sponsors and partners and everyone else who somehow has been involved in season 2013-2014. 
Once again we are very thankful to our Main Sponsor EUROHOLD for standing firmly behind us in these difficult times and for supporting the favourite game basketball. Big thanks also to our Main Partners – “Euroins”, “Euroins Insurance Romania”, “Euroins Osiguruvanje Macedonia”, “Globul”; our Partners “Pepsi”, “Mazda”, “Fiat”, “Motobul-Orlen” and our Media Partners – Bulgarian National TV, Sportmedia TV, Bgbasket.com, Sportsko Radio Macedonia, Macedonian National TV, Kosovo National TV, Romanian National TV and RTV-21.
We are proudly standing in front of the “crème de la crème” of the year – Final Four 2014. I am deeply convinced that the same all the year each game happened to be heartbreaking and tied until the same end, the last 4 games of the season will also be exciting, emotional and with high level basketball. I am sure Final Four 2014 will show the fans and basketball-game-lovers the highlights and will make them live a true basketball spectacle.
Good luck to the four teams and as our motto from the beginning says: “Let the better team win!”
Shay Shtriks
Sports Director
EUROHOLD Balkan League

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