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Assen Christov: I believe we are about to watch great basketball battles

Assen Christov: I believe we are about to watch great basketball battles
24-04-2014 | 08:19 |
Here is the official statement of the Executive Director of EUROHOLD Balkan League - Mr.Assen Christov, before the Final 4 2014 to be held in the city of Prishtina between 25th and 27th of April:
"Dear participants, guests and fans!
Dear friends of EUROHOLD Balkan League!
I would like to welcome you to the end of the sixth season of EUROHOLD Balkan League - Final 4 2014!
Here we are once again standing before the Grand Finale of another exciting, intensed and extremely interesting season. I believe that since we started making this tournament almost six years ago, we have grown up every season and we have increased the level of the competition and the teams each time. I am truly convinced the city of Prishtina and KB Sigal Prishtina will do everything in the best possible way to provide us with great days of a basketball celebration with the best four teams this season. I believe all the four teams will fight very hard and we are about to watch great basketball battles.
After each of the five seasons we were saying it had been the best one in the history of EUROHOLD Balkan League. I am sure a lot of people will not argue if I say the same thing now again. We have witnessed some great matches, a lot of entertaining ends and close results, and big percentage of the games was decided in the very last seconds. We could not have wished for something more and that made us very happy and gave us motivation to continue better and better. Not only have we developed basketball-wise and on organizational level, but we also have achieved tremendous success in the TV and internet broadcasting sector. 100% of the games were broadcast LIVE on our online-TV main partner SportMedia TV and 80% LIVE on our partner TV channels in the different countries. About 500 000 people watched the games online and over 1 200 000 in the TV from around 300 countries all over the world. Here it is the place to thank not only SportMedia TV but also our partners from Bulgarian National TV, Kosovo National TV, RTK-21, Macedonian National TV for the full coverage of the Bulgarian, Macedonian and Kosovo games this season and of the Final Four as well. For the first time in the history, thankful to Sportsko Radio Macedonia, EUROHOLD Balkan League was reachable throughout the whole season on the radio frequencies all over Macedonia too. 
I am satisfied that we managed to include three new teams in the competition this season. We did something historical by accepting teams like Sigal Prishtina and Peja and with their performance both clubs proved they deserved the chance. I am happy they fought hard from the first to the last game and gave everything they could to win as many games as possible. I am also very happy we once again had Romanian team. SCM U Craiova was an important part of this season and they missed their qualification to the Top 6 by only one single basket. I would also like to congratulate and thank every single team that was with us in this edition of EUROHOLD Balkan League, for approaching each game at the maximum and fighting at 100%.
I wish all the participants in the Final 4 a successful and fair competition. The fans I with to witness an unforgettable event and to enjoy the Final 4 2014 of EUROHOLD Balkan League in Prishtina!
Let the best team win!

Assen Christov
Executive Director
EUROHOLD Balkan League

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