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Konstantin Papazov, head coach of BC Levski: The 10-0 run was the key for our comeback

Konstantin Papazov, head coach of BC Levski: The 10-0 run was the key for our comeback
26-04-2014 | 08:57 |
Levski will play in the final of EUROHOLD Balkan League for third year in a row. Here are the words of the head coach of the team Konstantin Papazov after The Blues from Sofia defeated Balkan in the first semifinal:     "For 30 minutes there was a Balkan team playing very good and from the other side there was an awful Levski. I have big respect for the opponent and know their class. Those 30 minutes were due to the way how they played their hearts but also to some wrong decisions made by us. I′m happy that once again Levski showed that there is a big character in the team. Our class is certain but it has no value without character. Our 10-0 run in the first two minutes of the last quarter gave us self-confidence, woke up the gym and was a key for our comeback.   I said this in the locker room as well - it hurted me that we made a tactical mistake by allowing a triple at the end of regulation to tie the game. This is something that I cannot imagine happening for my team, my players and my staff. Although I′m also happy we managed to see one incredible Jumaine Jones in the overtime who showed his best. Before the last quarter he came to me and said: I promise you, believe me! I′m extremely grateful to him and he showed incredible will and character to make those plays that made the fans explode.   Perhaps my biggest thank you goes to the incredible atmosphere, to the people in Prishtina who from the first moment accepted us very well. This was the reason for me to get in a correct flirt with them because when the team went out on the court, we received a lot of ovations. I personally think we are better team than Balkan and it′s logical for the fans to look for the easier way for its team. They know how difficult it was to defeat us and how easy they defeated Balkan. However they stood behind good basketball, supported both teams and I′m happy that at the end they stood very strongly behind us. With this action they showed that there are normal people living in this country who love the sports. They deserved to receive this award by EUROHOLD Balkan League to organize such a big event. Without doubt the sixth season of the competition was the best one and the Final Four will also be the best one. I want to thank the organizers who created great conditions for us and I′m sure for every other team. I can only wish for the politicians to be here and to see that spectacle, this human attitude the fans had towards both teams.   After what the fans of Sigal did for us, I want them in the final. I have respect for both head coaches and both teams. I played against a big friend who I respect very much. We have to admit Gruev′s absence was also key but Martin Marinov played phenomenal game. I′m happy I′m meeting friends on the way to the trophy and If i lose it will be against friend.   Levski has class, Levski has potential and Levski has bigger chances in the final. Sharon Drucker, Amit Gal and the people from Galil are my friends but I want to meet Sigal because this organization, this people, this city deserve their team to play at least in the final. Not to say something more."

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