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Sharon Drucker, head coach of BC Galil Gilboa: The history is not playing

Sharon Drucker, head coach of BC Galil Gilboa: The history is not playing
26-04-2014 | 10:46 |
BC Galil Gilboa is going to defend its title in EUROHOLD Balkan League. The team will look to make it three in a row in the competition and once again they will meet Levski. However it will be the first time of coach Sharon Drucker and here is what he said after the win over the hosts of the Final 4 - KB Sigal Prishtina:
"First of all I want to congratulate Prishtina for the great effort. I think the atmosphere, the fans are fantastic. They were sportive, just pushed their home team and I think it was great experience and fun to play in front of this fans. 
I′m very happy we are on the winning side and we are going to the final. I think we had to do some adjustments in the fourth quarter when we were down five and we needed some good job to make some stops. We also controlled the rebound, something we didn′t do in the first half. In the end I think we executed much better in our offense. 
Everybody knows the team that was two time champion but this is a completely new team. It′s a young team and I told our guys I′m proud of them. They are young, some of them in their first year in Europe and for first time they play such important minutes. They are warriors, never give up and saw it in this game. I′m very satisfied with the performance of our players and our head will now look for the final. 
I never look at the history. I know Galil won the two previous finals with Levski but I don′t know how the games were. I don′t believe history is playing. Every year it′s a different story - new players and new system. If somebody from our team or Levski knows about the past, they need to keep it in their minds. It′s a new game we are preparing. We′ll go out to play our game, the history is not playing."

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25 Feb 2020

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