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Ludmil Hadjisotirov, ass. coach of BC Rilski Sportist: This was just the first half

Ludmil Hadjisotirov, ass. coach of BC Rilski Sportist: This was just the first half
21-04-2015 | 22:05 |
BC Rilski Sportist lost by 2 points the first Final game of EUROHOLD Balkan League to KB Sigal Prishtina. Here are some quotes from the visiting team′s side:

Ludmil Hadjisotirov, assistant coach of BC Rilski Sportist: "I think we did a good job of controlling the tempo of the game in a very tough enviroment and a great crowd in Prishtina that supported its team. Sigal is a very strong team with great players and very good coach. For us to come here, control the tempo and managing to establish our style of play for the most part, was good. This is just the first half of the final.  It′s two games so now we have to forget about this one and think about the next.

We expect the support of our fans in the next game. We hope to have a similar atmosphere and to have a celebration of basketball for Bulgaria and for EUROHOLD Balkan League. We expect to play hard and we are going to play to win. It′s going to be a very tough game because really Sigal is a great team with very strong players and good coach. It′s going to be a fight for every possession, for every point. I hope we are going to have to support, we are going to have luck, we are going to stay together and play like we did the whole year."

Vernon Taylor, player of BC Rilski Sportist: "It was a crazy enviroment. As a kid you always wanted to play in something like this and for us to come here and lose by 2 is good. We wanted to win but for us to lose by 2 shows that we have character and how much our team has grown together. Now we are just looking forward to the next game and we have to forget about that one.

For the next game I expect Sigal to come out even better than what they did. Hats off to that team, it′s a great one. I just expect a big battle."

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