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Beroe almost through to the semifinals after a thriller in Kavadarci

Beroe almost through to the semifinals after a thriller in Kavadarci
07-02-2017 | 22:02 |

BC Beroe is with one leg and a half in the semifinal of SIGAL-UNIQA Balkan League. The Greens defeat MKK Feni Industries away in Kavadarci 85-84 to stay with a perfect record in group C. That result means that Beroe will remain first and the only team that can threathen that position is Sutjeska. However in order for that to happen The Greens need to lose twice, Sutjeska to win both of its game and the last one against Beroe by at least 29 points. In two weeks time the Stara Zagora team will host Feni Industries. As for the Kavadarci squad, it now stands at 1-3 record and is tied with Kozuv for the third place.


The hosts started better to take a 12-3 lead but Beroe answered with 9-0 run. Feni though responded and finished the quarter 12-2 to go up by 8. The hosts continued to have the lead in the second period as it reached 12 points. Then Beroe scored 10 in a row to close the gap to just 2 which was the difference at the break.


The hosts started better the second half to take a 7-point advantage after a 6-1 run. Still the visitors managed to tie the score in the second part of the third quarter but only to allow Feni to respond with 11-0 run and pull away. In Beroe′s last offense of the period Zhelev scored a triple which cut the deficit to 8 and leave the team with a chance.


A very good start for the visitors brought them back in the game early in the fourth quarter. They didn′t take the lead but were very close to their hosts as both teams exchanged points. In the middle of the period Tenchev stole the ball to give Beroe a 1-point advantage as his team had a great momentum. The visitors though didn′t use it as Nikolovski scored a very important triple but soon the game was tied again. After Sharabidze scored Jones had a chance from the free throw line but he made only 1 of 2. Then bmissed on the other basket and with 40 seconds to go Gudul added 2 points to give Beroe the lead. In the next offense Sharabidze couldn′t score but Magdevski grabbed the rebound and put Feni ahead by 1 with 13 seconds to play. That meant there was still time for the visitors and Raley-Ross scored the winning shot.


Aaron Jones was the top scorer for the winners with his 27 points. The hero Brandis Raley-Ross added 19 and 3 assists while Shane Gibson had 12 and 5.


Kiril Nikolovski finished with 18 points for the home team while George Sharabidze had a double-double with 14 and 11 rebounds.


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