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BIBL Second Stage Round 2 MVP: Jayon James

BIBL Second Stage Round 2 MVP: Jayon James
13-02-2017 | 12:08 |

KK Sutjeska defeated KK Kozuv, 84-76, in Round 2 of the Second Stage of SIGAL-UNIQA Balkan League. The Montenegrin team secured second position in Group C after the second week of action in this phase of the competition by a great performance of Jayon James


The American small forward scored 24 points on an amazing shooting night and registered a performance index rating of 38, which was the highest among all players in this round. He made eight of his nine two-pointers attempts, one out of two beyond the arc and five of six on his trips to the foul line.


James also grabbed five rebounds, dished seven assists and also added impressive seven steal in 34 minutes on the court.



The weekly runner-up for the MVP honor is a two-way tie between the American power forward of BC Beroe Aaron Jones, and the Montenegrin power forward and also BIBL Second Stage Round 1 MVP Petar Kusovac. Both of them posted an index rating of 31. 

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