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Teodo is celebrating its first BIBL semifinal

Teodo is celebrating its first BIBL semifinal
14-03-2017 | 21:05 |

KK Teodo reached the semifinals of SIGAL UNIQA Balkan League for the first time in the team′s history. The Tivat squad defeated MKK Feni Industries 81-68 at home and won the series by 10 points difference. The hosts did well for most of the time and led from start to finish. In the end they didn′t allow the visitors to threathen them seriously and held on for a big win. For a place in the final Teodo will face BC Beroe as the first game will be next Tuesday in Montenegro. Feni Industries is out of the competition after that result but nevertheless the team competed very well and deserves praise in the season it returned to the competition.


Just after the middle of the first period Teodo made a 9-0 run to go up by 10. The team had a good advantage until the end of it but in the second Feni came back after scoring 5 straight points to close the gap to 2. With two minutes to play in the half the visitors tied the score but the last 4 points were for Teodo who led at the break.


The second half started on an 8-0 run for the hosts but Feni immediately responded with 7 straight points. The hosts however didn′t allow the visitors to come closer and controlled the advantage after that. It was hanging around 10 points and it remained the same in the fourth period as well. The final outcome was decided with 01:54 to go when Kusovac scored a triple to put Teodo up by 13 and the hosts celebrated.


Milan Stanojevic had another good game for the home team with 19 points and 7 assists. Milos Djurisic had 15 points while Milos Popovic added 13.


George Sharabidze and Jane Petrovski finished with 14 points each for the visitors while Branislav Djekic had 11 and 10 rebounds.


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