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The new basketball fairytale of Tome Glavchev

The new basketball fairytale of Tome Glavchev
13-07-2017 | 14:14 |

The long-time investor of KK Kozuv, Tome Glavchev, withdrew from financing of the club last season. However, his love for basketball did not let him be out of the sport for too long, so the successful businessman decided to start his own basketball story - creating his own club named Blokotehna. It is located also in Gevgelija - the city where Glavchev recently built a modern sports hall.


"I can confirm that I created new club, which will is called Blokotehna. I consciously did not want to do it during the period when KK Kozuv had not yet formed a roster, in order not to harm the club I had been with for many years. Our goal is clear – eventually to work mainly with Macedonian basketball players, and already at the moment we have several young ones. We agreed with Marjan Ilievski to start working with them and thus help both them and the club in the development", Glavchev said for ekipa.mk.


Mr. Glavchev’s goal is to create a team that will be built by only domestic players. He is currently in contact with some of KK Kozuv youngsters, but only with those who did not have enough minutes in the mens club, in order not to disturb the plans of KK Kozuv, Mihajlovski and his management.


Few players who would probably join Blokotehna in the second part of the season will start as KK Radovish players.


"We agreed with KK Radovish president to help him with certain players in order to increase the chances that his team will enter to the First Macedonian League. Because of the cold weather, the first domestic matches would be played in my hall in Gevgelija, but the club remains in Radovish and then the next home games will be played in that city. We have the same vision also with the mayor of the city, and we have agreed that if the club enters the first league, no foreigners will be signed, but all the players will be local ones. Maybe we will not fight for trophies, but we will lay the foundations of a club with a "healthy" and professional environment.


Marjan Ilievski continues to lead Blokotechna trainings. We will intensify the practices during the summer, to prepare for the next season. He will not interfere in KK Radovish, where Nikola Nikolovski is the head coach, and who I have full confidence in", he also explained.



Translated from the Macedonian website: ekipa.mk

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