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BIBL System of competition and Calendar (Season 2017/2018)

BIBL System of competition and Calendar (Season 2017/2018)
14-07-2017 | 17:27 |

The competition system of SIGAL UNIQA Balkan League is according to the FIBA principles. Due to the FIBA World Cup Qualifiers and the change of the Calendar, BIBL will go directly from the Top Eight to the Final Four.


First Stage/Group Stage


Ten (10)/twelve (12) teams shall be divided into two (2) groups (A and B) consisting of five (5)/six (6) teams each. Each team shall play against the other teams in its own group on a home and away basis 4/5 home games and 4/5 way games = 8/10 games per team. The teams from the same country shall be divided in different groups (if possible).


The teams placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th from each group will form two (2) new groups C and D, in the TOP EIGHT stage. The teams placed 5th and 6th in each group will terminate their participation in the competiton.


The allocation of the teams shall be decided by the management of BIBL according to geographical location, travel costs and foreign-affairs matters.


Top Eight


The eight (8) teams qualify for groups C and D. The results between the teams from the same groups in the First/Group Stage shall be carried forward into the TOP EIGHT. Games will be played with the two (2) teams from the other group on a home and away basis.


Groups will be formed as follows:

-      Group C: A1; B2; B3; A4.

-      Group D: B1; A2; A3; B4.



Final Four


The first two teams from groups C and D will qualify for the Final Four. All four teams that qualified for the Final Four, shall be entitled to submit their candidature to host the Final Four.


The Final Four shall be played, as follows:


Game 5

 C1 vs D2

Game 6

D1 vs C2

Game 7

Loser game 5 vs Loser game 6

Game 8

Winner game 5 vs Winner game 6


General Calendar


Playing days of the games of BIBL are: Tuesday and Wednesday.


The General Calendar for ten/twelve (10/12) teams and Play-Offs – home and away games, shall be as follows:



                           Two (2) groups of five/six (5/6) teams:




10.10.2017 - TUE

Opening Game 


First Stage, Round 1 


First Stage, Round 2


First Stage, Round 3 


First Stage, Round 4 


First Stage, Round 5 


First Stage, Round 6 


First Stage, Round 7 


First Stage, Round 8 


First Stage, Round 9 


First Stage, Round 10


Top Eight, Round 1


Top Eight, Round 2


Top Eight, Round 3


Top Eight, Round 4





SIGAL-UNIQA Balkan League has the right, in cooperation with the National federations/Leagues, to make changes and/or exchanges in the calendar at any time due to marketing reasons, contractual obligations with TV stations etc. and to inform the clubs and Federations of such changes no later than at least fourteen (14) calendar days before the game.


The Opening Game of the 2017-18 Season shall be on TUE October 10th 2017.



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No Games Scheduled

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