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Shay Shtriks: I′m sure we′ll have strong and attractive season

Shay Shtriks: I′m sure we′ll have strong and attractive season
10-10-2017 | 12:33 |

Just hours before the start of the new season in SIGAL-UNIQA Balkan League, the Sports Director of the competition - Mr. Shay Shtriks, had this to say


Dear basketball friends, 


Dear spectators, players, coaches, presidents, club managements, referees, our sponsors and partners, 


I would like to thank all of you on behalf of the Balkan League staff and myself.


I would like to thank all of you for your support, your devotion and your loyalty to the Balkan League and to all of us for the last 9 seasons and in the upcoming 2017-2018 - the 10th one. 


It is not for granted and not easy to have your support throughout all these years but it shows to everybody that we love basketball and that we like to support the basketball in the Balkan region. Each one of us has got some benefits from the BIBL project - young players, young coaches, young referees and we opened the doors and windows to the basketball everywhere around the Balkan peninsula. 


In the 10 season of BIBL we finally found the way to have league which contains 8 clubs, from 5 Balkan countries: Albania (1) Bulgaria (3) Kosovo (1) Macedonia (2) Montenegro (1).


This season we will give also possibility to a lot of young and good referees to present themselves in the first time in the international games. This fact will help them and will support the local leagues and all of us will have the benefits of having those good potential young referees in our games.


I would like to send big big thank you to Mr. Assen Hristov and all Eurohold management who have been supporting our project in everything in the last 9 years. 


I would like to say big thank you also to Mr. Avni Ponari and the management of Sigal UNIQA for supporting us during the last 3 years and believing that together we can only contribute to the local communities by providing strong and competitive competition.  


The 10 season is going to be very interesting and something symbolic is that in the first season of BIBL 2008-2009 the young club of BC Rilski Sportist joined the league in the very very last moment, and then the first Final Four 2008-9 in Samokov happened to be great and exciting event. In season 2017-18 the already experienced club BC Rilski Sportist joined to the league in the very very last moment and in the 10 season of BIBL we came back to the Final Four system and I am sure that we are going to have strong and attractive season. 


I wish all of us a great season; strong games, full halls, cheering basketball fans.


Last but not least, I would like to thank in advance to all BIBL staff that are going to work very hard like every season in order to support all the clubs and the league.


I wish good luck to all participants and let the best team win the 10th BIBL championship in April 2018! 

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