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Levski prevailed over Kumanovo in a hard fought game

Levski prevailed over Kumanovo in a hard fought game
11-10-2017 | 20:37 |

BC Levski 2014 returned to SIGAL-UNIQA Balkan League with a win. The team hosted KK Kumanovo 2009 and prevailed 85-78 in a hard fought match. Both sides played good and were after each other from start to finish but the hosts held on in the end. Next week Levski will visit Rilski Sportist while Kumanovo will host Ibar.


Both sides didn′t play good defense in the first quarter and scored a total of 52 points with Levski leading by 2. In the second period Kumanovo started better and even went up by 6 but the hosts closed out with better defense and up by 1 after scoring at the buzzer.


A 7-0 start of the second half gave Levski an 8-point edge. This was the biggest difference the hosts had during the whole game as they led until the end. Kumanovo managed to stay close and cut the deficit to 3 in the final quarter but the Bulgarian side responded and sealed the win.


Veselin Veselinov was the top performer for the home side with 23 points and 9 rebounds. Nikola Maravic added 18 points as Ivan Alipiev finished with 13.


Nemanja Miljkovic had 17 points and 7 rebounds for Kumanovo but he missed 6 free throws from 9 attempts. Dimitar Karadjovski did well with 16 points as Marjan Janeski added 15.


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