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Blokotehna wins a thriller in Plovdiv to go 4-1

Blokotehna wins a thriller in Plovdiv to go 4-1
14-11-2017 | 20:58 |

KK Blokotehna-NB recorded a very important road win. The Gevgelija team defeated BC Akademik Bultex 99 away 86-82 to move to the top of the league. Blokotehna has 4-1 record after this match while Akademik stayed with 3-2.


It was a really entertaining match which was decided in the final seconds. Both teams exchanged the first two quarter as a 17-0 run in the second gave the hosts the edge before the break. They continued to have the lead for most of the time in the second half and were in a great position when they were up 80-72. The visitors however answered with a 10-0 run to go up by 2 before Nguirane tied the score. After that Mladenovikj was fouled with 11.8 seconds to play and converted the two free throws to give his team the lead. Then Smith missed for Akademik and Benjamin sealed the win with more free throws.


Dwayne Benjamin was the top performer for the winners with 31 points and 7 rebounds. Danilo Mijatovic did good with 22 points as Marjan Mladenovikj and Anton Kazarnovski had 12 each.


The home side was led by a great Adriyan Sekulov who finished with 22 points. Shakir Smith had 19 and 5 assists as Martin Durchev added 12 points.


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