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Two good runs lead Bashkimi to another win

Two good runs lead Bashkimi to another win
05-12-2017 | 23:57 |

KB Bashkimi won its second straight home game in SIGAL-UNIQA Balkan League. The Prizren team hosted BC Akademik Bultex 99 and in a hard fought game took 87-78 victory. It gives Bashkimi a 2-2 record while Akademik fell to 2-3. On Thursday the Prizren team will host Rilski Sportist while next week Akademik will be playing against Levski.


It was an even start to the game as both teams exchanged baskets early. Akademik led after one quarter but in the second things changed and Bashkimi took the lead for good. The team started it with a 10-3 run and just before the break took 11-point edge which was cut to 8. The second half started good for the visitors who closed the gap to just 2 points but Bashkimi answered with 8-0 after that and controlled the game until the end.


Daishon Knight was the top scorer for the win with 29 points. Samir Zekiqi had 19 as Jamir Hannan added 15 and 13 rebounds.


The visitors were led by Martin Durchev with 19 points and Isiah Umipig who had 18 and 6 assists.


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