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One playoff battle and one battle at the top tonight

One playoff battle and one battle at the top tonight
07-02-2018 | 09:43 |

The SIGAL-UNIQA Balkan League schedule will offer us two games tonight. First at 17.00 hrs local time in Rozaje KK Ibar will host KB Bashkimi. Then 90 minutes later in Gevgelija the leaders KK Blokotehna-NB is welcoming BC Akademik Bultex 99.


Ibar and Bashkimi are in a playoff battle and need to go out for the win. The home side is playing much better recently thanks to Simmons and the improved performance by Perovic. If they manage to win they′ll be tied for victories with Tirana and will give themselves a chance to reach the playoffs. In the same time Bashkimi wants to underline its position in the standings and needs the victory in order to stay in with a chance to be third or fourth in the standings. Aaron Moss is already proving as a great addition and Zollo, Morina and McDaniels are also doing a good job for the Prizren squad.


Blokotehna has already secured its Final Four place but the team will continue to play hard in order to remain in the first position. The Gevgelija squad played the local league on Monday so there will probably be some fatigue tonight. However Benjamin, Kazarnovski and Mijatovic know what to do and would not like to dissappoint their fans. On the other side Akademik is fighting for the best possible position before the playoffs. The team will be without some key performers like Maravic, Durchev and newly signed Gruev,  but that doesn′t mean they won′t fight. Umipig, Johnson, Dimitrov and Bachev will give it their best and will hope to surprise the leaders.


Both matches will be broadcast LIVE on YouTube and SportMedia.tv.

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