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We′re back in action with two games in Bulgaria

We′re back in action with two games in Bulgaria
05-03-2018 | 22:02 |

After a break of three weeks, SIGAL-UNIQA Balkan League is back in action today. There will be two games to be played in Bulgaria and we are getting close to the end of the regular season.


The first match is at 18.00 hrs local time as in Plovdiv the local Akademik Bultex 99 will host KB Bashkimi. This is hugely important contest as both teams are fighting for the best possible position before the playoffs. Akademik strengthened the team and will count on its best players for this contest. Maravic, Dimitrov, Durchev and Umipig will try to lead the way and Gruev, Bachev and Vaklinov will have to help. Akademik will be looking to record at least a 10-point win in order to have the tie-breaker advantage. Bashkimi will come to this match with a little dissapointment having lost the final of Kosovo cup against Sigal Prishtina. However the Prizren squad has the possibility to bounce back quickly and will turn to Aaron Moss, Vincent Zollo and Mikaile Tmusic to lead the way.


The other match tonight will see Levski Lukoil host KK Ibar. The Bulgarian side lost the cup final a few days ago and this is the first chance to start bouncing back. This game will be an opportunity for the newest players Darryl Bryant and Nemanja Milosevic to get more playing time under their belts and get to know their teammates better. Ibar on the other side is coming to the game having in mind also the one next week in Tirana. The Rozaje side will be looking just to play good basketball in Sofia and will try to prepare for the decisive game in seven days time. The team is now without Simmons and Perovic who were the main scorers but still will hope to impress in this contest.

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