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Semifinal 2 preview: The hosts Rilski against the debutants Bashkimi

Semifinal 2 preview: The hosts Rilski against the debutants Bashkimi
14-04-2018 | 09:02 |

The second semifinal of SIGAL-UNIQA Balkan League sees the hosts BC Rilski Sportist taking on the debutants in such a stage KB Bashkimi. The match will start at 18.30 hrs local time (17.30 CET) and will be broadcast LIVE on BNT and SportMedia.tv.


The home side will be looking to get its second trophy of the competition after the one in the first season back in 2009. To do that the team needs to be ready to fight and the overcome the pressure which will undoubtedly be there. Of course Rilski will count mostly on its leader Yordan Bozov who has enough experience but also on the likes of Wright, Georgiev and Marinov. The other players like Taylor, Ravenel, Jeter and Marincheshki are younger but still have enough matches under their belts. Those are the main weapons Rilski is having and they are the ones that will try to do the damage tonight.


KB Bashkimi is a debutant at such a stage in the competition. In its third season the team reached the Final Four and will be hoping to make the big surprise. After and up and down start to the season, the Prizren side found the right players and the right coach and has improved in recent weeks. Aaron Moss is a do-it-all on the court point guard and he is the one leading the charge. Tmusic is the heart and soul of the team while Zollo, Stutz, Zenelaj and Morina are the role players whose work on the court will be extremely important. Bashkimi has nothing to lose tonight and that can be the team′s biggest advantage against the hosts.

The program for the Third Stage is set

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25 Feb 2020

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