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Teuta signs Hysenagolli and Lasku, keeps preparing for the new season

Teuta signs Hysenagolli and Lasku, keeps preparing for the new season
Ninic will continue to lead Teuta
27-09-2018 | 18:11 |

KS Teuta will debut in the Balkan League in the upcoming season 2018/2019. The Albanian Cup winners will be happy to be a part of the competition and are trying to build a good enough roster for a respectable performance.


The latest news from Durres is that the team has added the Albanian internationals Endrit Hysenagolli and Genti Lasku who will add significant firepower to the roster. Hysenagolli is a well known BIBL player having been part of the teams of KB Bashkimi and SK Tirana and was one of the top performers in the league last season. Lasku also played for the capital team but is now moving to the rivals from Durres.


Teuta is keeping the head coach Boban Ninic who was at the helm of the team last season. A significant part of the roster was retained as probably the most important thing was that the MVP of last season in Albania - Eric Copes will stay. With him the team will again count on the captain Kristi Gorea and also on Bruno Hodza and Marko Miranovic. Other new players are Robert Shestani, Elvis Beqo and Julian Hamati. Of course Teuta added also more American power to the team with the point guard CJ Wilson and the center Kyle Mayer.


The Durres team already defeated Ylli in a friendly game played in Kosovo and will continue its preparation with matches against competition from Montenegro and Macedonia. The goal is for the team to be better from game to game and for the players to give their best each minute on the court. Teuta′s managament is also hoping that in its debut Balkan League season they will prove themselves to be a great host and a worthy opponent.


In the opening game of BIBL Teuta will host BC Akademik Bultex 99 on October 16th.

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