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Bashkimi holds Kozuv for first win

Bashkimi holds Kozuv for first win
14-11-2018 | 22:14 |

KB Bashkimi recorded its first win in the Balkan League. When the game started both teams didn′t have a win but after the team from Prizren defeated KK Kozuv 80-76 that changed. It was a close game throughout with lots of lead changes. In the final quarter the home side did better, made important baskets and stopped its run of three defeats. In the same time it was Kozuv′s third straight loss and next week will try to change that in Sofia against BC Barsy.


The first half was very even until the middle of the second quarter. In those 15 minutes both sides exchanged baskets and leads without being able to pull away by much. The hosts were the first ones to do so as they did it with an 8-2 run which gave them 6-point edge at the break.

In the first three minutes of the third quarter the difference didn′t change but then Kozuv made a 10-2 run to go up by 2 points. The visitors managed to keep their advantage until the end of the period and were up by 4. With a 12-2 start to the fourth quarter the hosts took a 6-points lead early. Kozuv managed to cut it to just 2 but that was it. Bashkimi tightened up the defense, went on an 8-2 run and with 34 seconds to play the difference reached 8. The visitors made a late push and closed the gap to 4 points but it was too late for more.


Jordan Capps had a good game for the winners with 24 points. Ergin Grosha also had a good game with 17 points as Ujkan Karanezi and Michael Martin both had double-doubles. They scored 13 points apiece as Karanezi had 10 rebounds while the American dished out 11  assists.


The visitors were led by Nikola Karakolev who had 18 points. Ivan Miskovic had double-double with 16 points and 10 rebounds as Rob Lewis added 14 points.

Marjan Ilievski:

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12 Dec 2018
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