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Academic Bultex 99 with important win over Teuta

Academic Bultex 99 with important win over Teuta
20-12-2018 | 21:09 |

Year 2018 in the Balkan League is now over. In the last game BC Academic Bultex 99 defeated KS Teuta 89-73 at home in a hardly fought game. The hosts were looking to win by more than 3 points in order to have the tie-breaker advantage and they did it. The visitors started better but in the next three quarters the hosts controlled the match and took the important win. With it Academic now has 4-3 record while Teuta is with 3-3 after its third straight defeat. The Plovdiv side will also play the first BIBL game of 2019 when they will host KK Blokotehna while Teuta′s next game is at home against Barsy Atyrau.


It was a close game in the first quarter but with some mini runs the visitors managed to take the lead after ten minutes. In the second the hosts tightened up the defense and thanks to an 11-2 run took a 1-point lead. They stayed ahead until the break and continued to lead after it. The difference however wasn′t big as it reached 9 points just once. Teuta stayed close but 4-0 to end the quarter meant that Academic had an 8-point advantage. With four minutes played in the fourth quarter the visitors still had a chance as the difference was just 5 points. Academic though went on a quick 7-0 run and after that held a double-digit advantage until the end.


A big difference between the two teams was the 3-point shooting. The hosts hit 8 of 19 while Teuta was just 3 of 13.


The top scorer for the winners was Vasil Bachev who finished with 23 points. Aleksandar Gruev had his best game of the season with 14 points as Peter Olisemeka had 13 and 13 rebounds for another double-double.


The visitors were once again led by Eric Copes and Endrit Hysenagolli who both had a double-double. The American finished with 20 points and 11 rebounds while his teammate had 19 and 12.


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20 Mar 2019
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