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Academic Bultex 99 stopped Blokotehna despite 41 points by Mijatovic

Academic Bultex 99 stopped Blokotehna despite 41 points by Mijatovic
03-01-2019 | 19:01 |

Academic Bultex 99 recorded its fifth win in the Balkan League and is now in a very very strong position for the Final Four. The Plovdiv side handed KK Blokotehna the first defeat of the season winning 82-77 at home despite Danilo Mijatovic′s monster 41 points for the visitors. The hosts took over the lead in the second quarter and never gave it up until the end despite all the tries by the Macedonians. With that win Academic now stands at 5 wins and 3 defeats while Blokotehna is at 3-1 record. Next game for the Plovdiv team will be on January 22nd against KB Bashkimi at home while next week we′ll witness the derby of Gevgelija between Blokotehna and Kozuv.


Academic started really well and scored the first 7 points but then the show of Mijatovic began. The Serbian dominated the game for few minutes and scored the first 17 points for Blokotehna including 13-0 against the hosts which gave the visitors the lead. The visitors were up after ten minutes and continued to have the advantage in the second quarter. That was before the home side made a 9-0 run after the middle of it to retake the advantage and they held on until the break to be 7 points up.


A 13-5 start to the second half gave Academic a really good 15-point lead early. The visitors though had an answer and when they made a 13-1 run they were run they were right back in the match. In the fourth quarter the things continued to be really close but it was Academic who was leading. The visitors tried and tried but never really could take the lead and the closest they got was 3 points. After several misses from them Vujovic and Knight made it a 6-point game in the last minute and the hosts held on for the win in the first game after head coach Asen Nikolov returned.


Daishon Knight was the top scorer for the winners with 27 points as Vasil Bachev added 15 and 5 assists. Nikola Vujovic also did well and finished with 11 points and 8 rebounds.


The visitors were led by Danilo Mijatovic who had 25 of his 41 points in the first half. He grabbed 9 rebounds as well while Goran Glavchev was the second best scorer with 11 points.


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