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The situation in the Top 4 before the final round

The situation in the Top 4 before the final round
15-03-2019 | 13:38 |

There are just two games left in the Regular season of the Balkan League. As we already know, the Final Four will take place in Tirana in the first weekend of April. We also know the teams that will be there - BC Beroe, KK Blokotehna, KS Teuta and BC Academic Bultex 99


Of the four teams, Teuta is the only one with no games left as the Albanians have already finished the season The have 8 wins and 4 defeats so far and can end up third or fourth in the standings. The same can be said about BC Academic Bultex 99 which have to play away against KK Kozuv on March 20 and currently has 7-4 record. With a win the team from Plovdiv will finish while Teuta will be fourth because of the fact that the Bulgarian side has an advantage in the meeting between the two sides. However if Academic is to lose then the team will finish fourth and play the first placed in the FInal 4.


On March 19th KK Blokotehna will host BC Beroe as the top two teams in the standings will have to decide the first place. The visitors have the advantage before this contest as they won at home by 10-points difference. That means that they can lose by less and still finish first. For Blokotehna to go on top the team will have to win the game by 11 points or more. Any other result will mean that Beroe is first and the Macedonians are second before the Finals in Tirana.


One thing is clear - both games next week are meaningful as the teams have what to play for. Despite the fact that Kozuv doesn′t have any chance of moving in the standings, it′s certain that the team will look to finish the season with a win and will give its best against Academic.

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