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Shay Shtriks: We expect a long competitive basketball season

Shay Shtriks: We expect a long competitive basketball season
22-10-2019 | 10:46 |

Few hours before the start of the new season in the Balkan League, here is what the Sports Director Mr. Shay Shtriks had to say:


Dear Basketball friends,


Today, 22.10.2018, the 12th BIBL season will start with 5 very good and respectable teams: Albania – KB Vllaznia. Bulgaria - BC Akademik Bultex 99, Kosovo - KB Peja, Peja and KB KB Rahoveci, Rahovec,  Montenegro - KK Ibar, Rozaje and the 6th team will join after finishing the first round of FIBA Europe Cup on 27.11.2019.


All the teams have very respectable basketball history. All the teams have experienced managements, and most importantly each team has very talented basketball players – both young and more senior. Each club has strong group of devoted spectators and we expect one interesting long season of 15 rounds and 45 games with 2 final games, which will provide everybody with very good and long competitive basketball season. The Balkan League has always been proud of the quality teams and organization which bring a quality and strong competition. The reason that we have only 6 clubs is that we cannot make any compromise and give to some clubs or some federations to act, to ask and to put any other clubs and federations in disadvantage, neither to have any team in our league without providing the same conditions like the others. We pushed to develop the basketball and the young players form our region. BIBL′s principal and number one rule is that we accept and respect each team. The strongest or the youngest is treated on the same level and with the same value.


We have this season back KB Vllaznia from Shkoder, with big ambitions to reach to the top. BC Akademik Bultex 99 will continue to provide great and exciting basketball as every season. Another comer-back is KB Peja with long and good history in BIBL, with the best ever packed basketball gym in our history. The new and prestigious strong team of KB Rahoveci is the 2nd Kosovo representative which for sure will be one of the new good faces in BIBL and the young and very ambitious team from Rozaje – KK Ibar which will provide good and strong Montenegro Basketball. The sixth team, which will close the schedule this season, is competing now in FIBA Europe Cup first round and will join us after 27.11.2019.


All the games will be broadcast LIVE on YouTube and several teams already closed contracts with TV channels to broadcast the games Live on TV nationally on their territories. Our web-site will continue to provide professional information with updated information and live statistics. 


Like every season for past 11 we will continue to support young referees who will officiate with senior referees. The games will be officiated in the most professional and fair way so that all the teams’ coaches, players and basketball fans will respect their job.  


The 12th season of BIBL will be as attractive or even more than the 11th one. Our players, coaches and spectators will participate and watch very good and quality basketball games starting 22.10.2019 up until the final game on 14.04.2020.


I wish everyone a very successful season 2019-2020 and may the best club win!" 

Ramadan Mubarak!

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No Games Scheduled

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