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Yordan Yankov: I'm sure that the final will be amazing and I want to win it

Yordan Yankov: I'm sure that the final will be amazing and I want to win it
28-04-2021 | 00:44
BTV Media Group is the partner of Delasport Balkan League Final 4 and is broadcasting the event in Bulgaria on its channel RING Tv. The company sent out a crew in Holon to cover the Bulgarian team's performances and the competition in general. After Akademik Plovdiv defeated Beroe in the first semifinal, the head coach of the winning team - Yordan Yankov, had this to say in front of the camera of BTV:

"It seemed like it was supposed to be an easy game and that we should beat Beroe that way. The worst part is the injury of Simeon Iliev so I wish to him to recover fast.

It was really a very tough game. I think that the viewers can also say it wasn't the most attractive one but when the stakes are so big, it's difficult for both coaches and players.

I'm a competitive person and I want to win the final. Our main goal is to promote and advertise the team of Plovdiv and the basketball in the city. As many kids as possible who are there playing the game, the better for us. I want to win the final for the big advertisement that we'll get.

I'm sure that the final will be amazing. I'm also sure that we'll be more relaxed and we'll show a better performance."
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