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Shmuel Frenkel: Delasport BIBL helped us to show that Israeli basketball can't be stopped

Shmuel Frenkel: Delasport BIBL helped us to show that Israeli basketball can't be stopped basket.co.il
15-06-2021 | 15:25
The Chairman of Israeli Winner League - Shmuel Frenkel, took some time off his schedule to talk about all the challenges, all the problems and all the good things done in the past season. He of course didn't spare words also for the cooperation with Delasport Balkan League as the competition was cited as a really important in order to have the season in Israel finish normally. Below you can find some quotes from Shmuel Frenkel's press conference:

We've reached the end of the league despite everything which symbolizes the last two seasons of Winner League. The sequence of events which started last season, didn't stop for a moment this season either, and I think that the manager and the league managed to stand up to all the events heroically and proved that they are one of the best in Europe.

It's been a very challenging season for all of us - both personally and professionally. We had to start the season three weeks later, in January there was another closure and the league was stopped again. And once again we were faced with the question whether we would be able to continue.

I think that the fact that we managed to reach the end of the league, we have proven as a league administration that the difficulties and the challenges may be great but we do not give up. This time we found a creative solution that ensured the existence of the league. I'm of course talking about Delasport Balkan League which allowed the teams to continue to train and play and was in fact a decisive statement for us that Israeli basketball can't be stopped. Hosting the Final Four of BIBL in the country was a wonderful closing of a circle for us and a kind of seal of determination and adherence to the goal of all of us. This is another opportunity to thank Shay Shtriks for his cooperation. 

It's time also to thank all the members of Israeli league especially to the CEO Shlomi Peri, and to all the teams, the Israeli basketball federation, the Ministry of Sports and all of the people who supported us and had the ideas to save the season."
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