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We are going to do it

We are going to do it
12-10-2021 | 10:17
We are going to do it.

After we did it last season, to play and cover 68 games from October 2020 to April 2021 and came over all the obstacles that stood ahead of us. We covered the entire original program without missing one game and finally one of the best ever Final Four in Holon, snf noe we are ready for season 2021-22.

We are ready with 11 very good basketball teams. We have good, experienced and young talent players. We havee good and experienced coaches and good organization and we are ready to start on Tuesday 12.10.2021 the 14 season of Balkan League.

We are going to have 80 games in season 2021-22. It will start on 12.10.2021 and will finish with one more great Final Four in the end of April 2022.

All of us in the league are ready for this big challenge. Our BIBL team is ready. The referees and Commissioners are ready and the teams are ready to start the season.

We will have games in 5 countries – Bulgaria. Kosovo. Israel. Montenegro and North Macedonia. Most of them will be televised live and all of them will be broadcast in Delasport BIBL YouTube channel.

I want to send a big THANK YOU to our main sponsor and brand name – DELASPORT -  that believed in us and stood behind us from the first moment, giving us the possibility to run the new season in the best possible way. Thanks to Avi and Dany, to all the people from Delasport Bulgaria and Delasport Israel who have been working with us, helping us to be ready for the upcoming season.

I would like to thank to the 11 clubs that trust us. To the 5 basketball federations that trust our organization, supporting our target to provide in our region international basketball league, additionally to the very strong and interesting local leagues. All of the basketball fans will enjoy, during all the season, great and quality basketball games.

We are now ready for the opening games on 12.10.2021 in Kfar Blum - Israel and in Prishtina - Kosovo.

Delasport BIBL 14th season is going to be POSITIVE and HAPPY - no more NEGATIVITY in our life but only in COVID 19 test.
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Next Game
19 Oct 2021
KB Sigal Prishtina KB Sigal Prishtina

SC Kale
Aleksandar Pavlov
Constantinos Poursanidis
Stavros Evfraimidis
Aleksandar Milojevic 
Skopje | SC Kale
19 Oct 2021 19.00
KK TFT KK TFT KB Sigal Prishtina KB Sigal Prishtina
Plovdiv | Complex Sila
20 Oct 2021 18.00
BC Akademik Plovdiv BC Akademik Plovdiv BC Beroe BC Beroe
Prishtina | Pallati i Rinise dhe Sporteve
25 Oct 2021
KB Sigal Prishtina KB Sigal Prishtina BC Beroe BC Beroe
Skopjie | Nezavisna Makedonija
26 Oct 2021
KK Navico Akademija FMP KK Navico Akademija FMP Hapoel Nufar Energy Galil Elion Hapoel Nufar Energy Galil Elion
Skopje | SC Kale
27 Oct 2021
KK TFT KK TFT BC Akademik Plovdiv BC Akademik Plovdiv
Rozaje | Sportski Centar
27 Oct 2021
KK Ibar Rozaje KK Ibar Rozaje BC Beroe BC Beroe
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