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Ironi Rain Nahariya's trip to the Balkans will provide a lot of answers for Group B

Ironi Rain Nahariya's trip to the Balkans will provide a lot of answers for Group B
24-01-2022 | 10:27
Four games will be played in the next three days in Delasport Balkan League. Three of them will involve Ironi Nahariya as the team will travel to the Balkans while the other one is between KK Navico Akademija FMP and Balkan.

Ironi Nahariya is going to have three games after which there will be a lot of questions answered for the standings in Group B. So far the team has 4-1 record and winning its games this week will mean that they'll secure the first position. Of course their first task is to qualify for Stage 2 and that will happen with just one victory during the trip. The fact is that the three games will be played in three days so it has to be seen how that will affect the performance of the team.

The first match is tonight in Skopje against KK TFT. Then in the next two days matches against Ibar in Rozaje and Sigal Prishtina in Kosovo will follow. All the other three teams are also still battling for a place in Stage 2 with Ibar have lesser chances at the moment. That's why the team's match against Ironi is a must win or otherwise they'll be out of the competition.

The fourth game is the only one from Group A this week as we already mentioned that FMP will host Balkan. It's clear that the North Macedonian side will not continue to Stage 2 so this will be their last one for the season. That's why they would like to finish on a high note and win at home as well. Even if they tie Levski, the Blues from Sofia have the tie-breaker advantage so FMP can't move to 4th place. Balkan in the meantime is secured for Stage 2 and this game pretty much is without any importance as the team can't move to 1st place and is only fighting for the 2nd with Maccabi having the tie-breaker advantage. The real important fact is that for the Greens it will be the first game in more than 10 days since the team has COVID-19 issues and it will be a good chance to get some of the playing rhythm back.

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