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Ioannis Agrafiotis: I expect a great final

Ioannis Agrafiotis: I expect a great final
30-04-2023 | 16:55
Ioannis Agrafiotis is an indispensable part of in the Delasport Balkan League this season. He was also chosen to referee the Final Four in Stara Zagora.

"For us it's a great experience and a way to represent our federations and countries in a tournament like this. Sometimes the games with bigger margins can be the hardest because you have to be focused all the time."

"Regarding the last day of the tournament, it is good that the best two teams will play in the final. I expect a great final. The Balkan League is the first international competition in my career. I recently obtained a FIBA license. I will be very happy to represent my country and federation of the biggest tournaments."
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