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Shay Shtriks: When you have good people with you all can be done!

Shay Shtriks: When you have good people with you all can be done!
03-05-2023 | 14:47

Delasport Balkan League Sports Director Mr. Shay Shtriks send a thank you note for everyone involved in the 2022/23 Final 4:

The Final Four of DelaSport Balkan League was played the last weekend and marks 15 years of BIBL.

As we say 15 seasons in a row: “May the best team win!” the best team on Sunday evening won the Final Game – Hapoel Beer Sheva Dimona won one of the best final games that we had in BIBL and KB Peja provided one of the best ever basketball game the club played in BIBL.

Big respect for the players and coaches for providing all of us with this high-level basketball game. A game that was perfect to finish season 2022-23 and also the game for places 3-4 between BC Beroe and KK Milenijum Kodio was a very interesting and quality basketball game which the young team from Podgorica provide in this game great fight and deviation but BC Beroe more experience team managed to win the game and to finish season 22-23 on the 3 place.

Of all the events, the Final Four season 2022-23 was a successful one and we proved again that with a good organization with the good and devoted people of BIBL and our partners, we can provide the best international basketball event even in Bulgaria after 2 consecutive years that the Final Four was played in Israel.

When you have good people with you all can be done.

I would like to thank all the coaches – players and team members that participated in the Final Four. To the commissioners and referees that did their best to provide correct and fair officiating.

I would like to send a big thank you to all that were involved with the games and the event. Table officials, people from the gym, and children that support us. The people from TV1 Bulgaria. To the security people. To

all the nice people from LEON restaurant that host all the VIP people and to the Municipality of Stara Zagora for the support + BC Beroe and Vasil Kifev the president of the club that did their best to provide the possibility to have this event in Stara Zagora.

We had some issues that were solved during the weekend and those that were involved will receive from the league the details and what actions will be taken to prevent things like this in the future. But generally, we finish one of the best Final Four in the city of Stara Zagora on Sunday 30.04.23.

I am sure that the spectators enjoyed being part of the Final Four for the first time ever to have this kind of event in Stara Zagora and they have been part of great 2 games on Sunday 30.04.23.

I would like to wish all the clubs that participated in the F4 to finish the local championship in the best way possible and hopefully, we will see them again in a stronger and better version of BIBL 2023-24.

After the Final Four, we are taking a short break. We will think carefully, analyze and check what we did during the last 15 years and what and how we can do better in the next 15 years, keeping the fundamental rule in our league is that all the teams have the same rights and obligations whatever budget or country they come from.

Thank you again to all that have been part of this great Final Four weekend!

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